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    It's time to uncouple our self worth from our net worth.

    It's time to uncouple our self worth from our net worth.

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    Join us weekly, as we turn challenges into habits, habits into lifestyles and lifestyles into a better you. Each month, we will explore a new mental, physical or fiscal challenge, together. With beginner, intermediate and expert level tiers and built-in accountability, there will be something for everyone. This is about sparking motivation so we can all live a rich, happy and fulfilled life.

    I’ve teamed up with my beautiful wife and friend, Taylor, to take on these challenges and experiment together. I should let you know, she is reluctant, slightly nervous and maybe a little annoyed about this whole thing. So, this should be a good time. We are committing to 12 challenges, 21 days long over 12 months. We are going to test new ways to live better, together.

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