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    Playing with FIRE has been Featured in...

    “Followers of FIRE pride themselves on hacking their finances, so they can lower their living expenses and live off their savings.”

    — New York Times

    Playing with FIRE continues to be covered by nearly every relevant publication, from the New York Times to Mr Money Mustache. Below is a list of article and podcast links where you can dive even deeper into our exciting journey.

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    MSN: Many people who retire early prefer to spend their money the same way

    JL Collins: My Talk at Google, Playing with FIRE and other Chautauqua connections

    Get Rich Slowly: Five lessons I learned while making a film about FIRE

    Think Advisor: The Spreading FIRE Movement and the Advisor’s Role

    1500 Days: Why The Playing With FIRE Documentary Is Important

    Millennial Money: Playing with FIRE Documentary

    Our Next Life: The Power of Community, at #FinCon17 — and Everywhere Else

    Work + Money: The FIRE Movement - How to Gain Financial Independence and Retire Early

    Millennial Revolution: Do you want to be a TV Star?

    U.S. News: 4 Best New Personal Finance Books to Read Now

    Money Magazine: Early retirement documentary hits Aussie shores

    The Star: Would you save 70% of your income so you could retire early?

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