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    JL Collins

    JL Collins is a financial expert and author.

    The author of “The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life”,  Mr. Collins offers easy-to-understand, effective guidance and resources to understand investing with confidence.

    JL Collins spent most of his career in the publishing business, but that is almost completely unimportant. What mattered (to him and now us) was his driving ambition to have F-you Money. Of all the things you can spend money on the most important, he says, is your freedom.

    That was a key message he wanted to impart to his daughter and in 2011 he launched his blog,, as a means of archiving this and other lessons for her. From that humble beginning, much to his surprise, it has grown to the international readership it enjoys today. It is most famous for its Stock Series of posts.

    He also believes stocks, specifically broad based index funds, are far and away the most powerful wealth building tool ever created. Moreover, they always go up. Yet most people who invest in them lose money. In his book and on his blog, JL Collins explains this apparent contradiction and teaches readers how to harness the market’s power to grow their personal wealth and achieve their own Financial Independence.

    Learn more at or get the book on Amazon.

    You can also watch his Talk at Google here.

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    JL Collins

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