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    Chris Hutchins

    Senior Director of Product, Head of Self-Driving Money at Wealthfront

    Chris Hutchins is a Senior Director of Product and the head of Self-Driving Money at Wealthfront, a nextgen banking service. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of Grove, a company on a mission to make financial planning honest and accessible for everyone that was acquired by Wealthfront.

    Chris began his career as an investment banker for Allen & Company and later joined Monitor Group as a management consultant. Although he had a traditional start, Chris has always been an entrepreneur at heart. After being laid off in the 2008 financial crisis, he started LaidOffCamp, a movement dedicated to helping the unemployed learn new skills for the evolving job market. Chris scaled the organization to 20 cities around the country and helped thousands of people along the way.

    A few years later, Chris co-founded Milk, a mobile app incubator based in San Francisco, which was later acquired by Google. After joining Google, he spent most of his time as a Partner at Google Ventures, where he invested in seed and early-stage companies. He was deeply inspired by all the entrepreneurs he met while at Google Ventures and after four years at Google, he left to build Grove.

    There’s no government plan to pay for your life if you didn’t save enough. And if there is… One, I’m not sure it’s enough, two, I’m not sure it’ll be there.

    Chris Hutchins

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