Is Playing with FIRE on Netflix?

Is Playing with FIRE on Netflix?

We figured it was high time to address the most frequently asked questions about Playing with FIRE.

We’ve been enjoying amazing feedback from the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community about the documentary. We get messages daily about people who are paying down their debt, selling expensive cars and even moving to new and less expensive places in order to fix their finances. We could not be happier.

Since the early days of this project, we dreamed of landing our movie on a streaming site to minimize the barrier to entry and share these FIRE concepts with the world. 

Ok ok, let’s get to it.

Streaming Playing with FIRE

Is Playing with FIRE on Netflix?

Not yet. We’ve been in touch and would be excited to work out the details. In fact, the Netflix Original’s team considered acquiring the film last year. This bode’s well for the long term prospects of the film. If we end up striking a deal, we will update this post and everyone on our newsletter. 

BUT, there is something you can do to help us out! Take a moment to suggest Netflix adds Playing with FIRE to the service, you can request it here. Let’s start a money revolution together!

Netflix is undoubtedly the streaming king at the moment, so fingers crossed.

When content is not available to stream, Netflix claims it can be reasons like…

  • The content rights are currently exclusive to another company.
  • The streaming rights are not available to purchase from the content provider.
  • Popularity, cost, seasonal or other localized factors, or availability.

In our case, the content rights are currently available for license. 

Popularity seems to be high, especially for an independent documentary about personal finances! This is why we ask everyone who has viewed the film to leave a review on the platform they’ve viewed on. 

See the list below for all the places Playing with FIRE is currently available. 

Is Playing with FIRE on Amazon Prime?

No, but we are on the Amazon Marketplace. This seems to be the most popular option for digital downloads these days, we see the most traffic going through this portal. We figure the sheer number of Prime members mixed with the delightful Prime Video player makes this a prime choice for many.

Is Playing with FIRE on Hulu?

Not yet, but Hulu is certainly a streaming option we are considering.

Is Playing with FIRE on iTunes?

Yes! You can find it here. If you happen to watch it here, consider leaving us a review? We rose to #2 on the Documentary Charts the week it was released and continue to enjoy interest on the platform. They finally fixed the incorrect Rotten Tomatoes listing as well, something that most likely hurt our initial sales a bit. Darn you John Cena and your poorly rated family comedy!

Is Playing with FIRE on Vimeo?

Yep! We love Vimeo, and would love if you’d consider renting or purchasing through this platform, as they share the most revenue with creators of any other platform. 

Is Playing with FIRE on Google Play?

Absolutely! Here is the link to view on the Google Play marketplace.

Where Can I Stream Playing with FIRE online?

If by stream, you mean watch through your subscription to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc., you are out of luck at the present time. We spent a pretty penny making this film, so throwing a few bucks our way is greatly appreciated.

Is Playing with FIRE out on DVD?

Yes it is! You can get your copy here.

Can I stream Playing with FIRE online for Free?

Nope. Maybe someday!

Feeling like you want to learn more about the documentary?

Check out the documentary page for the trailer, info on the cast and more!

Did you know we wrote a book?

Yep! Playing with FIRE: How Far Would You Go For Financial Freedom? covers the journey we share in the documentary in more granular detail. Learn more about our numbers, strategies and everything in between.